2022 Spring Fashion Trends

It is hard to believe it is already time to start talking Spring & Summer fashion trends, but here we are! Be on the lookout for these styles to stay ultra trendy and in style. 

Bold is Better

Goodbye neutrals, hello bold! Okay, well, maybe not goodbye to the neutrals but expect to see bold colors this Spring/Summer!

How to Style:

You can bring in the bold trend by wearing opposite color combos like pink & orange or different shades of the same color for a monochromatic look. Tie the outfit together with matching accessories and shoes. 

Y2k 4ever

They say all trends come back around. This year is for 00's style! We're talking low rise jeans, crops, groovy prints, and butterflies. 

How to Style: 

Wear these trendy pieces with fun accessories like a beaded necklace or butterfly belt. 

Flower Power

Is it really even Spring without floral prints? From neutral floral dresses to bold floral prints for the office, this is a trend you are sure to see continue this season. 

How to Style: 

Floral prints look great with white accents or tie in the floral pattern colors with the shoes and accessories. 

Fun Fringe

Roaring 20's meets trendy western fringe. 

How to Style: 

Wear with boots for a statement western look. 

Ultra Feminine

The girlier the better this Spring & Summer. Romantic and feminine styles are taking over spring fashion and we are so here for it! Think pastel colors, tiered ruffles, and floral prints. 

How to Style: 

Pair with feminine kitten heals to add to the girly vibe or accessorize with dainty pearl touches. 


Cutouts made an appearance this Winter and they won't be going anywhere this Spring. 

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